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Bail Discounts | Bail Financing

Many bail bondsman offer special discounts and financing options for those that qualify.  


If you are one of the following groups, you should ask the bail bondsman you choose for affordable options.

  • Veterans & Active Military Duty
    Qualified members include active duty or vets of the United States Armed Forces and their immediate families.

  • Union Members
    The defendant or co-signer need only provide a validated union membership card.

  • AARP
    Qualified active members of the AARP (Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons) and their immediate families.

  • Attorneys
    In many cases, if you hire a criminal defense attorney, there are special rates your attorney may be able to obtain on your behalf, in order to lower the overall costs of your particular case.

These discounts usually save you up to 20%, costing you only 8% to post bail, instead of the standard 10%.


If you or your co-signer have reasonable or good credit, you can often finance the bail amount over a 2 year period.  Jail is a horrible place to be when going through a criminal trail that will ultimately decide your future.  It's worth every penny to avoid jail, if at all possible.  Your well-being will likely improve the chances of wining your case, when you appear in court.  You should see this cost as a worth-while investment in your defense.



Our Recommendation:

For your bail bonds needs, we highly recommend you contact our friends at Ajua Bail Bonds at  559-237-0777.

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